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August 16, 1995

[SSJ: 191] Comp. Study of Coverage of War Anniv.

From: Ellis S Krauss
Posted Date: 1995/08/16

I enjoyed Patrick Koellner's concise discussion of Korean- Japanese relations on the occasion of the end of the war.

Just a quick point of information regarding studies of attitudes toward the end of the war including of Korean-Japanese perceptions: NHK's Broadcast Culture Research Institute [Hoso Bunka Kenkyujo] is currently conducting a comparative study of many countries' perceptions of the 50th anniversary of the end of WWII.
It includes content analysis of 20 or more countries' tv news programs and documentaries about the anniversary [in N.America, Europe, and Asia] as well as in-depth public opinion surveys of Japan, Korea, U.S. and Germany to investigate public opinion about the war and former antagonists and allies today in the latter four countries. So we will soon have systematic data concerning mass media portrayal, as well as public opinion, about Japan-Korea perceptions of the other and how they treated the end of the war's anniversary. I am involved in part of this project and will keep those interested informed of its progress.
Ellis Krauss

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