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August 14, 1995

[SSJ: 190] About the Dead Fukuzawa Society

From: SSJ-Forum Moderator
Posted Date: 1995/08/14

[Moderator's Note: The Dead Fukuzawa Society (DFS) was mentioned in my note attached to Professor Campbell's post of yesterday. Two SSJ-FORUM members have since requested further information, so I am forwarding the DFS list introduction. Members please note the DFS is not moderated, and hence the volume of mail is high and the quality uneven.]

*Please note that the address for subscribing (listserv[atx]ucsd.edu) and the address for submissions (fukuzawa[atx]ucsd.edu) are slightly different. See the bottom of this message for full details.*


The Dead Fukuzawa Society was formed in 1993 by a group of enthusiastic students of Chalmers Johnson's Japanese Political Economy class at the University of California, San Diego's Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies (IR/PS), in order to sustain a serious debate on issues related to Asian affairs and the US-Japan relationship, and to strengthen and expand the members'
personal ties with each other.

The Meiji scholar and educator Fukuzawa Yukichi believed that Japan needed to learn from the West. We formed this group in the spirit of Fukuzawa, believing that the United States can and must learn from Japan and Asia. The DFS wants to encourage free and serious thinkers from different disciplines and area studies to join this debate.

Members of the DFS hope to deepen and refine their own understanding of Asia-Pacific issues by writing articles and critiquing the works of fellow members. The principal mode of communication is electronic mail. The only requirement for membership is an irrepressible desire to participate in serious discussions about relevant issues. All members are welcome and encouraged to contribute. Members who wish to further explore the thoughts that lead to the creation of this group are encouraged to read "The Autobiography of Fukuzawa Yukichi."

This discussion is open to anyone with an interest in Japan, Asia, and the United States' involvement in the region. Contributions do not have to be serious, but they should always be written in earnest. The DFS particularly encourages thoughtful op-ed pieces, commentaries, news updates, book reviews, policy recommendations, free associations, etc.

Please note that the DFS is an intellectual forum received by more than 200 subscribers around the world, including many outside of the IR/PS community, and should not be used flippantly. We endeavor to stimulate intellectual jousting matches, however, personal attacks, flames, slander, and other forms of "ad-hominem" debate are not considered appropriate forms of contribution.


Anyone with an e-mail address can subscribe to the Dead Fukuzawa Society by sending 'add fukuzawa' in the body of a message to:


Upon subscribing, you will automatically receive every submission to Fukuzawa.

Anyone who has access to the IR/PS computer lab can read from and write to the Dead Fukuzawa Society using the in-house First Class BBS.


Please send all submissions to:


Please note that every message sent to fukuzawa[atx]ucsd.edu will be forwarded to everyone on the list.

Private messages regarding the maintenance of the Dead Fukuzawa Society should be directed to briank[atx]twics.com.

Fukuoku Kyohei.

fukuzawa[atx]ucsd.edu...in the spirit of Fukuzawa Yukichi

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