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February 7, 2019

[SSJ: 10541] Feb. 21 Free Lecture at Lakeland University: "Tokyo's African American Community"

From: Roger Grabowski <grabowski@japan.lakeland.edu>
Date: 2019/02/07

This lecture (in English) will be held Thursday, February 21 24 at 7:00 at Lakeland University in Shinjuku.

"The African American Expat Community of Greater Tokyo" presented by Teeka Gray

What is an 'expatriate community?' And why is it important to look at race in relation to these communities? What separates an 'expat' from other migrant categories is largely perceived geopolitical privilege, a lack of permanence, and voluntariness of the migrant. These nationality exclusive communities often form as a shelter from the new country's culture and people; however, what happens when the expatriate community is not seen as safe space for racial minorities? African Americans have formed an ethnicity specific sub-community inside of the American expatriate community and the Black Diaspora of Japan. This lecture will discuss how race and ethnicity helps form an African American expat community in Greater Tokyo and how the resulting community is structured.

LaTeeka E. Gray is an anthropology PhD student at Indiana University- Bloomington with a focus on cultural anthropology and Black Studies. Her professional interests are AfroAsian interaction, race, and migration. Currently, she is conducting her dissertation research on African Americans in Greater Tokyo as a Fulbright Graduate Research Fellow. Additionally, she is a 2018-2019 Foreign Research Affiliate at Gifu University.

For a map and directions to Lakeland's Shinjuku Campus, see our website:


Lakeland Lectures are a forum for researchers, students and members of the public to discuss contemporary issues affecting Japan. Lakeland University has offered a U.S.-accredited liberal arts program in Tokyo since 1991. Lakeland's main campus is in Wisconsin, USA and was founded in 1862.


Roger Grabowski, Jr.

Assistant Professor of General Studies

Lakeland University Japan

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