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December 14, 2017

[SSJ: 10053] [I-House] Lecture on The Tale of Genji -a new perspective to the common interpretation

From: Sakura Hamamoto
Date: 2017/12/14

[Nichibunken-IHJ Forum] The Fate of Hikaru Genji and the “Two Fathers”

— The Tale of Genji Seen Through the Life of Buddha

Lecturer: Araki Hiroshi (Professor, Nichibunken)

Commentator: Gaye Rowley (Professor, Waseda University)

Date: Tuesday, January 30, 2018, 6:30-8:00 pm (Doors open at 6:00 pm)

Venue: Lecture Hall, International House of Japan

Language: Japanese (without English interpretation)

Admission: Free

The relationship model seen in Hikaru Genji’s wife and child in The Tale of Genji is related to the karmic story of Buddha’s wife and the birth of his child. This has been a common interpretation since the medieval era. What is the meaning in bringing the Buddha’s life history into the interpretation of The Tale of Genji?

As a major work of world literature, The Tale of Genji is bound to have unique interpretations and be rediscovered from wide international perspectives. This lecture will attempt to give new perspectives to the common interpretation of The Tale of Genji and seek new possibilities of reading it.

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