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February 24, 2017

[SSJ: 9720] Tomorrow Girls Troop, Socially Engaged Art on Sexual Violence, next week!

From: "David H. Slater"
Date: 2017/02/24

I am passing on information that I hope is of interest to our list.
Please check it out and repost as far and wide as possible. dhs

Tomorrow Girls Troop (https://tomorrowgirlstroop.com/) is currently
exhibiting our Believe Campaign project on sexual violence in a group
show about socially engaged art at 3331 Arts Chiyoda:

We have a community space within the exhibition called "Joshi chikara

We're also holding an event on Sun, 26th about sexual violence and the law (pdf of flyer attached): https://www.facebook.com/events/183549205461749/

The event on the 26th should be interesting for students interested in
the law about sexual violence (it is going to be in Japanese) There will
be a talk from 13:00 between Keiko Oota, lawyer, and Maki Mizui, a young
director who made a movie about her experience of being abducted and
sexual violence, called "ら"

Here is a link to the Socially Engaged Art:

David H. Slater, Ph.D.
Director of the Institute of Comparative Culture
Professor of Cultural Anthropology
Faculty of Liberal Arts, Graduate Program in Japanese Studies
Sophia University, Tokyo

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