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February 17, 2017

[SSJ: 9712] Japan History Group, ISS, University of Tokyo, 2 March 2017

From: Naofumi NAKAMURA
Date: 2017/02/17

The next meeting of the Japan History Group (JHG) at the Institute of
Social Science (ISS), University of Tokyo, will be held on Thursday, 2
March 2017, at 6:00 PM in No.1 Meeting Room (Dai-ichi Kaigi-shitsu), 1st
floor of the Main Building of ISS, Hongo Campus.

Presenter: Dr. Barak Kushner, Reader in Japanese History, University of

Discussant: Prof. Satoshi Nakano, Hitotsubashi University

Title: Men to Devils and Devils to Men: 中国における戦争裁判と歴史認識の

The thrust of my talk centers on analyzing the repercussions of the
ensuing military and diplomatic maneuvers to bring Japanese imperial
behavior to justice, just after August 1945. This was the end of the war
but more importantly the end of empire. How did the Chinese legally deal
with Japanese war crimes? Within this postwar surrender paradigm and
fracture of the Japanese empire, we need to examine how Japanese rule
was dissolved in the postwar former colonies and occupied areas through
the prosecution of Japanese war crimes. These problems are intimately
tied together due to the transformation of postwar identity and colonial
politics. To answer such queries we need to explore how Japanese war
crimes were investigated and legally conceived of in China.

※This presentation will be in Japanese. --
Dr. Naofumi NAKAMURA
Professor of Business History
Institute of Social Science,
The University of Tokyo

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