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February 16, 2017

[SSJ: 9709] Invitation to Attend the 2017 NTNU Japan Seminar on Renewable Energy at the Norwegian Embassy

From: Paul Midford
Date: 2017/02/16

Dear SSJ :

The Norwegian University for Science and Technology (NTNU) Japan Program
invites you to our 2017 Japan Seminar, which will be held in Japan for
the first time this year, on March 6-7, at the Royal Norwegian Embassy
in Hiroo. The seminar will address: "Policies for Promoting Renewable
Energy: New Challenges and Opportunities." This year's seminar features
a keynote address by Japanese Diet Member Taro Kono late afternoon on
the 6th, followed by a reception hosted by Charge d'affaires Tord Tukun,
and expert panels from the morning of the 7th until midafternoon,
including lunch. These panels will bring together government officials,
industry analysts, representatives of large and small Electric power
corporations, and academics, addressing energy security and renewables
policy and electricity market liberalization. One panel will focus on
comparable challenges to renewable energy development outside Japan: in
South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, China, and Norway.

To view the Seminar program, and to complete the simple attendance
application, please visit the NTNU Japan Program homepage and click on
the upper right hand side. To attend you must complete an online
application that will be screened. The deadline for applying is Friday
24 February, or earlier, if the limited number of seats fill up.

To view the program and fill out the online application, please visit
the following site:


I hope to see you at the 2017 NTNU Japan Seminar.

Best Regards,

Paul Midford
Director, NTNU Japan Program
Norwegian University for Science & Technology (NTNU)

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