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June 19, 2012

[SSJ: 7526] Re: teaching of Japanese threatened in University of Gothenburg

From: Krauss, Ellis
Date: 2012/06/19

I'm sorry, but I had Google translate the petition language and it says nothing about Chinese (or Japanese). All it says is:

"Because of the Faculty of Arts plans to close subjects Russian, Italian, Greek and Old Church Slavonic, University of Gothenburg conducted here a petition for all of us who see and understand the language's value.
The name list shall be forwarded to the president and faculty leadership. For more info, see:

I understand your fear that other languages might be next, and I think that closing down Russian at least is shortsighted, but I personally am not supporting opposition to the languages named, but rather to Chinese and Japanese so did not sign. Please let us know once there is a threat to Asian languages too.
Best regards,
Ellis S. Krauss
Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies University of California, San Diego

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