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June 18, 2012

[SSJ: 7525] teaching of Japanese threatened in University of Gothenburg

From: Martin Nordeborg
Date: 2012/06/18

Dear SSJ Forum members,

Earlier this year Japanese language teaching was stopped from being shut down at NTNU(Norwegian University for Science and Technology) in Trondheim, Norway, much due to the kind support of the subscribers to SSJ-Forum to the online petition posted by Paul Midford. Once again languages are threatened in Scandinavia, this time at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. Last year among others the teaching of Dutch, Polish, Czech and Bulgarian was cancelled. On Wednesday, June 20, the Board of the Faculty of Humanities will take a decision on a proposal that will stop the teaching of Greek, Italian, Old Church Slavonic and Russian, but also to move Arabic, Latin and Chinese to a “larger environment”. The latter will most likely lead to these languages being not more than a decoration to some other subjects. As a teacher and researcher of Japanese language and culture I am horrified at the short-sightedness of this proposal.
If Chinese will be reduced to being somebody’s sidekick, it is not hard to guess that next in turn will be Japanese. The plans we had of extensive cooperation between Chinese and Japanese will now come to naught. The importance of languages must be emphasized, both teaching and research. Therefore I would truly appreciate the support of all of you in signing the online petition below.


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Yours sincerely,

Martin Nordeborg
Assistant Professor, Department of Languages and Literatures University of Gothenburg

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