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May 15, 2012

[SSJ: 7464] New book Urban Spaces in Japan

From: Christoph Brumann
Date: 2012/05/15

Dear all,

This is to advertise "Urban Spaces in Japan: Social and Cultural Perspectives", edited by Evelyn Schulz and myself, which just appeared with Routledge. See
for details and below for the table of contents.

Best, Christoph


List of illustrations
1 Introduction (Christoph Brumann, Christian Dimmer and Evelyn Schulz)
2 Urbanisation, city, and city system in Japan between development and
shrinking: coping with shrinking cities in times of demographic change (Winfried Flüchter)
3 The colonial appropriation of public space:
architecture and city planning in Japanese-dominated Manchuria (Anke Scherer)
4 Re-uniting a divided city: high-rises, conflict, and urban space in central Kyoto (Christoph Brumann)
5 Re-imagining public space: the vicissitudes of Japan’s privately owned public spaces (Christian
6 Citizen participation and urban development in Japan and Germany:
issues and problems (Carolin Funck, Tsutomu Kawada and Yoshimichi Yui)
7 Indifferent communities: neighbourhood associations, class and community consciousness in pre-war Tokyo (Katja Schmidtpott)
8 Who cares about the past in today’s Tokyo? (Paul
9 Gendered modes of appropriating public space (Ingrid
10 Walking the city: spatial and temporal configurations of the urban spectator in writings on Tokyo (Evelyn Schulz)
11 Shrinking cities and liveability in Japan: emerging relationships and challenges (André Sorensen) Index


Prof. Dr. Christoph Brumann
Head of Research Group, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology Honorary Professor, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

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