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October 17, 2011

[SSJ: 6909] Re: Documents related to the payments Japan made to America for the reversion of Okinawa

From: George Ehrhardt
Date: 2011/10/17

> From: Mark Murata
> Date: 2011/10/16
> I would like to read the documents related to the $65
million payment
> Japan made to America for the return of Okinawa. Does
anyone know if
> these documents have been declassified in America? If
so, could you
> send them to me? If you can't send them to me, could
you tell me the
> name of the documents (which I could use to obtain
the documents from
> the National Archives or the Nixon Library)?


Have you tried FOIA'ing at the Japanese MOFA? In my
experience, they
were pretty quick and forthcoming about requests for US-Japan meeting records of that era.

George Ehrhardt

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