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January 13, 2010

[SSJ: 6022] Re: NGO/NPO Statistics

From: Deborah J. Milly
Date: 2010/01/13

The best way I've found to get numbers on NPOs that can be sorted out is to use the NPO Center's database and do a search on whatever criteria or keywords I have. The database contains listings for registered NPOs.The information is all in Japanese though--you'll have to work from the Japanese pages. However, I'm not sure how reliable the database is for eliminating entries once an organization is dissolved or its registration lapses. Having a searchable database allows you to compile data according some (not necessarily all) of the researcher's criteria. You'd have to build your own tables based on a series of searches, depending on what you need.

See: http://www.jnpoc.ne.jp/

If there are other more specific (and less cumbersome) sources of data accessible from a distance I'd be interested in knowing, but this works for a lot of purposes.

Hope this helps!
Deborah Milly

Deborah J. Milly, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
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