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January 13, 2010

[SSJ: 6021] Re: NGO/NPO Statistics

From: Ryan Hartley
Date: 2010/01/12

Dear Vincent Pollard,
Thankyou very much for that detailed reply. I will indeed try to contact Mr. George.

I now have, thanks to some wonderful further replies, many further potential sources including:
JANIC (http://www.janic.org/)
NPO research forum
(http://www2.osipp.osaka-u.ac.jp/~yamauchi/) and NPO at the Cabinet Office ( Japan NGO directory -
NPO Home page (cabinet office managed I think) - (http://www.npo-homepage.go.jp/)
Japan Links

I am personally interested in this for two reasons
1) as a teaching aid to move students away form secondary media sources and get primary and local information
2) in the process of surveying, reason together some parameters for research. Particularly interesting is an assessment on the basis of the UN's MDG's.

All the best and thanks again,


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