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November 17, 2009

[SSJ: 5965] Alter-Globalization Symposium at Sophia University

From: Koichi Nakano
Date: 2009/11/6

The 29th International Symposium
"Counter-movements to Globalization and the possibility of an Alternative world."

Institute for the Study of Social Justice (ISSJ), Sophia Uniersity Social Science Research Institute (SSRI), International Christian University
November 29th, 2009 (Sunday) 10:00-18:00 Room 911, Sophia University Library

Translation: Japanese-French
Entrance Fee: Free

Two years ago, the 27th International Symposium was held on the theme of "Globalization, Poverty and Social Exclusion in Developed Countries." At that time, the "new poor" were understood to be a distinct group within Japanese society. With the arrival of last year's financial crisis and the ensuing global recession, however, their reality is becoming of more immediate and ever-present concern to us all. As a result, activities that engage with poverty issues and support the poor, such as the construction of temporary villages in which day laborers can pass the New Year's holidays and anti-poverty networks, have become well-known. Today it can even be said that they have acquired a cert ain type of citizenship-like status within society.

Nevertheless, the persistence of the so-called "doctrine of personal re sponsibility," which shifts the responsibility for poverty issues generated by the structure of the neoliberal political economy on to individuals, suggests there is a real danger that such relief activities will end up as nothing more than temporary measures addressing the most urgent symptoms of the poverty problem, rather than their source.

This year's symposium will thus focus upon movements that actively resist the tyranny of neoliberalism in their search for an alternative society and the new possibilities for the future posed by their collective activities. How can we help bring together domestic and international movements? How can we raise awareness of such issues among the middle classes? And how can we begin to visualize "another world" and indicate a political roadmap towards its realization? We hope this symposium will allow us to deepen our examination of such issues.

10:00- Opening Address
Welcoming Address

10:20- Keynote Presentations
"Counter-movements to Globalization and the Possibility of an Alternative World"

"Globalization and Social movements"
-Christophe Aguiton
(ATTAC France, Post and Telecomunication Worker's Union-SUD (Solidaires Unitaires Democratiques)

"The World Social Forum, a process to bring together those who fight neoliberalism"
-Chico Whitaker
(Brazilian Justice and Peace Commission, World Social Forum International

12:30- Lunch break

13:30- Panel Discussion 1
"Counter-movements to Globalizationa: Reports from Japan"

"Working for the WSF and ATTAC Japan"
-Yoko Akimoto (ATTAC Japan)

"Possibilities of Anti-Poverty movement"
-Makoto Kawazoe (Metropolitan Youth Union)

"Working for SHIROUTO-NO-RAN"
-Hajime Matsumoto (SHIROUTO-NO-RAN)

16:00- Joint Prayer

16:10- Panel Discussion 2
"Working Together: Towards a Society that Protects Human Dignity"

17:45- Closing Remarks

Sophia University, Institute for the Study of Social Justice 7-1, Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-3238-3023
Fax: 03-3238-4237
Web: http://www.info.sophia.ac.jp/social_justice/

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