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June 18, 2009

[SSJ: 5609] Re: query on video on Occupied Japan

From: Vincent K Pollard
Date: 2009/6/18

The following video is available in at least one research university's collection (University of Hawai'i
- Manoa) and perhaps more:

Spencer A. Sherman and Janice Fuhrman (writers,
producers) and Jon Both (director). "Occupied Japan: An Experiment in Democracy." VHS video. Alexandria,
Virginia: PBS Video, 1996.

I recommend searching WorldCat to see what other university libraries have a copy. Then make an InterLibrary Loan request. Sometimes, videos are processed. Or contact PBS in Virginia.

Vincent K. Pollard

Lecturer / Cooperating Graduate Faculty
Asian Studies Program

Moore Hall 416 / Fax: + 808 956-2682
University of Hawai'i - Manoa

Department of Social Sciences
Kapi'olani Community College

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