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April 07, 2009

[SSJ: 5501] Lolicom (and kawaii) - Research question

From: Vincent K Pollard
Date: 2009/4/02

Dear Colleagues,

Kelly Ann Ota is one of nine students in my "Introduction to Research" class. The students are majoring in a wide variety of academic fields. For her senior honors thesis, Ms. Ota is developing a proposal on the cultural and political meanings of the lolicom phenemona.

Having undertaken a review of relevant literature in psychology and anthropology, thus far she has been working primarily with English-language materials. But regardless of language, Kelly Ota wishes to be as thorough as possible so as to take advantage of existing scholarship and also to avoid duplicating previous efforts. Therefore, she has asked me to share the following question with you:

"Lolicom (and kawaii) in its various forms (enjo kosai, lolicom anime, gothicloli) are particularly Japanese phenomena. What are the two or three most important books and articles -- in English or in Japanese -- that have explained these phenomena in terms of Japanese perceptions of gender, gender and identity? And if you wish, feel free to indicate why you attach importance to the works you are recommending."

Thank you for considering this student's question.

Vincent K. Pollard, PhD

Lecturer / Cooperating Graduate Faculty
Asian Studies Program

Assistant Professor (temporary)
Undergraduate Honors Program

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