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May 26, 2005

[SSJ: 3717] primary sources on Japanese bureaucracy

From: Daniel P. Aldrich
Date: 2005/05/25

Apologies for the cross-posting,

I'm wondering if subscribers have come across well-researched
sources on the Japanese bureaucracy, especially MITI, MOC, and MOT (now
rolled into MLIT) beyond Johnson's 1982 study, the 1998 thesis by
Taehwan Han (University of Hawaii), the 1999 study edited by
Suzuki Hiroshi, and the 2000 study by Tanaka Kazuaki and Okada Akira.

Please respond directly to me (aldrich[atx]fas.harvard.edu).



Dr. Daniel P. Aldrich Assistant Professor
Tulane University Department of Political Science

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